AREF Research Development Fellows 2016



To find out more about our 2016 awardees, please click on their names.

Name: Dr Oluwafemi Akande
Employing Org. Federal University of Techno-logy, Nigeria
Host Org.: University of Leeds, UK
Nationality: Nigeria


Name: Dr Seraphine Esemu
Employing Org. Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases, University of Buea, Cameroon
Host Org.: University of Liverpool, UK
Nationality: Cameroon


Name: Dr Mireille Harimalala
Employing Org. Institut Pasteur de Madagascar
Host Org.: University of Cape Town, SA
Nationality: Madagascar


Name: Dr Zachary Kwena
Employing Org. Kenya Medical Research Institute
Host Org.: SACEMA, Stellenbosch University, SA
Nationality: Kenya


Name: Dr David Musoke
Employing Org. Makerere University, Uganda
Host Org.: Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
Nationality: Uganda


Name: Dr Seynabou Sougoufara
Employing Org. URMITE, University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD), Senegal
Host Org.: Keele University, UK
Nationality: Senegal