Our supporters



Without our donors we could not hope to achieve all that we wish to achieve to improve human health.  We are very lucky to have already received generous support from:

Individual Donors

  • Professor Baron Peter Piot (UK)
  • Professor and Mrs Greenwood (UK)
  • Mr George Fowlis (UK)
  • Mr Arthur Roberts (Gambia)
  • Professor Tumani Corrah (Gambia)
  • Dr Steve Howie (New Zealand)
  • Professor Richard Adegbola (Nigeria)
  • Dr Peter Dukes (UK)
  • Dr Joy Cole (Gambia)
  • Mr and Mrs Williams (Gambia)
  • Mr Samer Khoury (Palestine)
  • Professor Sir Andrew Haines (UK)
  • Mr Olaiya Orlando Ojo (Nigeria)
  • Mr Charles Perrin (UK)
  • Professor John Macdermot (UK)
  • Anonymous Donors¬†(Nigeria and Brazil)
  • Dr Delanyo Y T Dovlo (Ghana)
  • Dr Jahangir Hossain (Bangladesh)
  • Ms Surma H Bajaha (Gambia)
  • Dr Augustine Ebonyi (Nigeria)
  • Dr Jane Kengeya-Kayondo (Uganda)
  • Gambia Electrical Company Limited (Gambia)