We recruit active scientists with about 5 to 10 years postdoctoral research experience relevant to Africa’s human health challenges to the AREF College of Experts.

That means mid /senior-level researchers with a strong track record in research. We seek to attract to the College excellent scientists from all disciplines relevant to achieving better human health: from bench or desk, to bedside, to communities and populations.

The primary role of College members is to advise AREF on the quality of applications for funding and to provide constructive feedback for the applicants.

We are especially keen to recruit African scientists working in the Sub-Sahara region or overseas, who have a demonstrable track record of research, including in project leadership, researcher supervision, mentorship and international collaboration.

Commitment to bringing on a new generation of potential research leaders in Africa is essential.

AREF is committed to a College that is well-balanced in terms of gender, diversity of research disciplines and nationality.

We especially welcome applications from francophone and lusophone regions, however, members need to be proficient in English.

If you would like to apply please do the following:
• Visit our Peer Review Process page to read how AREF assesses applications for Fellowships and other awards
• Complete an application form and save using the following format for the file name: surname_givenname_AREF_CoE.
• Prepare a short research CV and save it in the format surname_givenname_CV
• Send the two documents as PDFs to [email protected]