African solutions to Africa's problems

Five years ago, AREF embarked on a dream to transform the leadership potential of Africa’s health researchers. That dream is now within our reach.

We have trained, mentored and given access to global networks to over 210 talented young researchers from 30 different African countries. In turn, they have already gone on to raise over £5 million in internationally competitive research grants, turning their ideas into fundable projects that tackle Africa’s most pressing health issues.

We provide the tools to unlock our researchers’ leadership potential. They turn those tools into sustainable funding and solutions for Africa.

But we need to do more. Since AREF was founded, Africa has faced Cholera, HIV/AIDS, Zika, Ebola, and now Covid-19. It also faces a rising tide of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and mental health disorders. Despite representing just 17% of the world’s population, Africa harbours 25% of the disease burden. One reason is that Africa’s health researchers lack the opportunities of their counterparts in developed countries to develop into research leaders, leaders who are then well-positioned to respond to pandemics, accelerate research to develop treatments, and protect and improve healthcare.

Help us change the future of health in Africa

With your support, we can develop a generation of health research leaders across Africa by providing them with access to research facilities, funding opportunities, improved networking and mentorship. 

Over the next five years, it is our ambition to accelerate the number of leaders we develop, adding at least another 400 to those we have already supported.

Your donation will help change the face of research in Africa. By creating a sustainable, African-led scientific community which nurtures health research by Africans, for Africans, in Africa, your contribution will help save lives and build stronger, healthier communities.

How your donation will be spent

Every donation is valuable to us. Regular smaller contributions add up to substantial amounts over months and years. Together with others who share AREF’s vision, you will enable activities such as these:

  • Donations totalling £1,000 will sponsor one health researcher attend a grant-writing workshop
  • Donations totalling £10,000 will fund a grant-writing workshop for up to 12 African researchers
  • Donations totalling £35,000 will fund one Seed Fund programme to empower African researchers to kick-start their research careers in Africa
  • Donations totalling £50,000 will enable a health researcher to complete a placement of up to nine months at a leading research institution in Europe or Africa, through our competitive Fellowship Awards programme

You can donate online below.

To donate in other ways, please email [email protected].