A week-long virtual course targeted at PhD students and early postdocs who have a strong interest in the interaction between the immune system and pathogens, and how this underlies the pathogenesis of a wide range of infectious and non-communicable diseases.

The online course consists of intensive interactive learning sessions and symposia on the most recent advances in immunology, immune disease and the consequences of chronic immune activity on human health. The parasitology of malaria, HIV, TB, helminths, HPV and other viruses including COVID-19 will also be covered.

Delivered by some of the leading researchers in the field, participants will also benefit from grant writing, science communication and career-mentoring sessions.

Eligibility: Priority will be given to PhD students and Early Postdocs (within 5 years of PhD) from Africa. Limited slots are available for students from other parts of the world.

The course is free for all participants.

Deadline for applications is Friday September 3 2021.

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