ROBERT BOSCH STIFTUNG supports new innovative programme with Africa Research Excellence Fund

November 2017


The Robert Bosch Stiftung (RBS) and the Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) are proud to announce Excell – a 2-year pilot researcher and leadership development programme that will work with African institutions to support emerging health researchers in Africa.

Shown here, having signed acceptance of the RBS award, are Medical Research Foundation trustees Susan Wilkinson, Professor Nick Lemoine (centre) and Professor Daniel Altmann.

The Excell programme aims to accelerate the development of excellence and leadership of researchers working on health-related topics. Researchers will receive the support essential to acquire the knowledge and skills for productive, impactful careers and leadership roles.

By launching the Excell programme, the Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) will grow a cohort of African health researchers empowered to lead and partner world-class research that benefits patients, populations, policy makers and practitioners. Investing in these researchers at a vulnerable point in their careers, Excell will help address academic barriers experienced by early career researchers in Africa.  AREF will enable institutions to strengthen researchers’ transferable skills and support them in the development of high quality and competitive research that in the long term improves health and save lives.


Professor Tumani Corrah, CBE, AREF Director says “The confidence of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in AREF and their support for the Excell programme will enable outstanding researchers from across Africa to realise their potential – to build strong research careers, grow and empower excellent teams, win funding and collaborate internationally.  Together, we are supporting the growth of leadership of health research in Africa.”


Dr. Katrin Rehak, Head of the Science and Research Department of the Robert Bosch Stiftung underlines: “We support AREF’s goal to strengthen researchers’ leadership capacities on the one hand and their institutional environments on the other. Today’s science and research systems demand complex capabilities, particularly of early-career scientists, and the Excell Programme will equip a new cohort of excellent researchers with the necessary skills.  Since 2012, the Robert Bosch Stiftung is collaborating with African universities and research institutes to strengthen the internationalisation and professionalization of early-career African researchers, and we are, thus, very pleased that AREF as one of the leading African research institutes is a new partner who shares our mission.”

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