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Improving health and saving lives in Africa

Since being established in 2015, there are already positive outcomes for the Research Development Fellows and for workshop participants.

5 workshop participants reported winning grants, and 2 won AREF Research Development Fellowships. 5 AREF Fellows from the 2015 cohort have won grants with the EDCTP, Wellcome Trust, NIH, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and Research Initiative in Science and Education (RISE).

2 of AREF’s Fellows have published peer reviewed articles as a result of their placement (Hassan et al, 2017; Garcia-Knight et al, 2017; Tientcheu et al, 2017).

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  • Haddy Fye’s research

    "It is my hope that the work I am currently engaged in will eventually translate to the establishment of a reference diagnostic laboratory for sickle cell disease serving much of West Africa."

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