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Without our donors we could not hope to achieve all that we wish to achieve to improve human health.  We are very lucky to have already received generous support from:




World health cannot be achieved without African Health. This initiative is important in ensuring African science can help African health.

Donald Brydon CBE

There are many exciting opportunities for early career African scientists to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and improvement of life prospects for many millions of people worldwide, but all too often their full potential cannot be realised because of lack of resources to support them at a crucial stage in their career. AREF aims to address that pressing opportunity gap and deserves the support of all those concerned with tackling the challenges of health and sustainable development in Africa and beyond.

Prof Sir Andy Haines
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

My involvement and commitment to Health Research, building capacity and training future scientists, resulted in a concern for those who complete their PhD. They need an enabling environment, infrastructure, funding and mentoring to grow in research and become leading African scientists. AREF, an African initiated, African led and for African scientists has answered that concern.


Professor Rose Gana Fomban Leke
Heroine of Health 2018
Emeritus Professor; DSc Honoris Causa University of Ghana 2014
Holder: African Union 2011 Kwame Nkrumah Scientific Award for Women
Honorary International Fellow, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, ASTMH 2015
Board Chair (PCA), National Medical Research Institute, IMPM, Cameroon

AREF has identified an essential step to develop a strong research base in Africa. A young scientist needs funding to gain sufficient post-doctoral experience to lead an independent research group. The AREF programme will help greatly to encourage the ablest young scientists and reduce the brain drain from Africa.

Professor John MacDermot, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London

AREF is tackling one of the greatest challenges we face on the continent today by harnessing and nurturing the human capital that must be the driving force for any sustainable change. No country has ever made significant leaps in its progress from external sources. Ultimately African countries can only progress by driving change from within. AREF is pioneering that change in the important area of research for Africa by Africans.

Mutiu Sunmonu (CON)

Supporting African researchers to identify and own the research agenda to solve health issues affecting Africa makes sense to us.  These talented health professionals just need the opportunity. The support they receive from AREF will both develop the African research community, the global health leaders of the future and in the long term improve the health of the populations they work with. We know this is a long game approach and are very pleased to award AREF this multi-year commitment from the Vitol Foundation.

Ian Taylor, Chairman of the Vitol Foundation

We support the next generation of scientists, striving to build programmes and platforms across the African continent that connect early career academics and provide vital opportunities to learn, develop and step up towards leadership in research. Through these networks, we aspire to foster solution-oriented research in Africa for Africa specific challenges. The AREF approach contributes to quality science and research in the medical and life sciences sector for a better life of everyone. Adding onto the people centric capacity building, AREF stepped towards tackling systemic obstacles by addressing researchers within their specific role and function AND their home institution. We believe that AREF’s approach and programmes can increase the impact of research within Africa and beyond – and safe lives all across the continent.

Dr. Katrin Rehak-Nitsche, Robert Bosch Stiftung

On hearing of AREF, I sensed immediately that Africa was embarking on a sustainable approach to a solution of one of its fundamental needs and concerns: to scientifically research by early career PhD’s solutions to health issues originating, or,  of most concern to Africans.
…And this approach accords with a tenet of an African saying: ‘It is only the child that raises its hands that gets picked up in love’.
Africa through AREF, now ‘raises its hands’  to deal with its own issues and therefore could in all conscience,  request for support from international communities/institutions.
It is for this reason that I gave and continue to give my unalloyed and wholehearted support to this most timely and innovative of Charities and, why I recommend it for support, without hesitation,  to all those of like minds worldwide.

O. Orlando Ojo
Alfred P. Sloan Fellow (with Distinction)  – London Business School
Management Consultant  

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