Developing health research leaders for the next generation

August 2018


THE AFRICA Research Excellence Fund (AREF) was founded to grow leaders of health research for Africa in Africa.

AREF is led by Professor Tumani Corrah CBE, MRG, who spent several decades at the ‘coal face’, as a physician and researcher in West Africa.

As the first African Director of the UK’s Medical Research Council’s Unit in The Gambia, he dedicated many years to building human capacity in health research and remains focused on identifying and training individuals who have the potential to improve health and save lives, especially in Africa where the burden of illness and death remains disproportionate.

The vision and mission of AREF from its Founder and Director Professor Tumani Corrah CBE MRG, “is to grow a cohort of African health researchers who lead and partner world-class research that benefits patients, populations, policy makers and practitioners globally.


“By nurturing these researchers at key points of their careers they are able to strengthen their technical expertise, develop high quality and competitive research proposals and win further funding to lead research that improves health and saves lives”.

Established in 2015, AREF is proud to announce that a participant from the first cohort of the AREF Research Development Fellowship programme, Dr Kingsley Badu from Ghana has succeeded in being awarded the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) Fellowship to continue his medical research to develop ‘An infectious bite marker for sensitive malaria detection and population level surveillance’.

Dr Kingsley Badu says “ The AREF Research development fellowship is a unique opportunity that sets the African scientist at the world stage. By placing you in a world class university working with a renowned professor and his/her team! You suddenly find yourself at the frontiers of scientific research and acquire not only the technical competence in the lab but also soft skills such as asking the right questions the right way coupled with a strong research design.

“This alone make a huge difference between a successful proposal and not so successful one. The confidence I gained makes such a huge difference in whether you succeed or fail. With hard work and determination, AREF sets you up to succeed!”

Through investing in the African medical researchers today, there will be the resources and capacity to deal with the challenges of global health for tomorrow.

As featured in the Voice Online 31/07/2018 07:00 PM: