Warning: suspicious e-mail

April 2018


We have been made aware that emails, falsely claiming to be from the Medical Research Foundation, are again being sent to a number of individuals in African nations, in particular Niger and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Initially circulated in July and November 2017, these emails claim to be from Dr Rand James Frederick (Dr James Frederick Rand) who purports to be the Chairman and Founder (sometimes also majority shareholder) of the Medical Research Foundation. Our postal address is also given.

The initial email falsely claimed that the we were seeking to establish a branch of the Medical Research Foundation in the recipient’s country and had contacted the recipient as we are looking for somebody to administer this for us.

We have today been made aware that a new version is now circulating, which seeks the recipients assistance in acquiring ‘quinquenervia’, supposedly a rare, tropical plant used in the manufacture of antibiotics used for tackling cases of Avian Flu.

We believe these emails are fraudulent and the intent may be to obtain personal information or sums of money from those targeted.  These emails have been reported to the appropriate authorities in the United Kingdom for investigation.

The Medical Research Foundation will never approach an individual or organisation in this manner.

If you receive any correspondence from somebody purporting to be from the Medical Research Foundation, and are unsure as to whether it is genuine, please report it via the Contact Us page on the Medical Research Foundation website.